Best Proven SEO Methods to Follow in 2022

If you are serious about ranking your website - follow the step


Always opt for a good WEB hosting provider so that your website doesn't have downtime & provides optimum speed. 

SSL Certificate

Make sure to add an SSL certificate to your domain, it's a trust factor for the visitors. 

PAge Speed

The speed of your website is one of the important factors to engage your visitors. Optimize page speed to increase engagement.



Post informative & well-researched seo friendly content to drive traffic. "content is the king". 


It is very important to build links for your website. Focus on proper internal links & outbound links.


Getting backlinks to your website and content increase the Authority of your page, which helps to rank in SERPs.

Social Media Marketing

Strategize proper marketing plans using Social Medias like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, Telegram to engage users.

Proper steps in SEO will help you to engage your end users, increasing the conversion rate, decreasing the bounce rate. 

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