October turns to Happy Croctober – Chance for you to win free Crocs shoes

To celebrate 20th successful year, Crocs are giving away free Crocs shoes to thousands of fans & followers 

Started from 1st October, here’s your big chance to win your favourite shoes for free.

Just follow these simple steps to win the giveaway.

Login to www.crocs.com/croctober.html and click the “Enter Now” button to take part 

Fill up the details and get the chance to win a free Crocs Shoe.

9 A.M. to 2 P.M. Central Tme is the official time to participate by login to the website.

The giveaway ends in Friday 7th October, so hurry up!

Take part in the biggest giveaway of the year and celebrate the Croctober with a happy you 

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