New Year with New Lockdown Guidelines in West Bengal

Restrictions imposes from 03.01.2022 in West Bengal as the Covid Cases rises

Schools, Colleges & Universities to Remain Closed

Only the administrative departments will remain open with 50% operational staff.

All Offices will Be Operational with 50% Staff.

All government & private offices are instrudted to work with 50% attendence, rest work from home should be considered.

Swimming Pools, Gyms, Parlors, Spas, Saloons to Remain Close

All the fitness & wellness centres will remain close up to 15-01-2022

Parks, Zoos, Tourist Places Closed

All the amusement parks, tourist places & zoos shall remain closed till 15-01-2022

Restrictions on Shopping Malls & Market Complexes

Shopping Malls & Market Complexes will function with maximum 50% of the total capacity till 10 P.M.

Restrictions for Bars & Restaurants

Bars & Resturants can operate with 50% of the total capacity till 10 P.M.

Restrictions on Cinema Halls & Theatre Halls

All cinema halls & theatre halls can remain open with maximum 50% of the sitting capacity till 10 P.M.

Guidelines for Meetings & Conferences

Meetings & conferences are permitted with a maximum 200 people or 50% sitting capacity of the hall, which ever is lower

Restrictions for Social, Cultural & Religious Gatherings

Maximum 50 persons at a time are allowed on any type of social, cultural or religious gatherings

Marriage Ceremony Restriction

MAximum of 50 persons allowed for any marriage ceremony occasional gathering

Gathering Restrictions for Funeral - Burial Services

Maximum 20 people allowed for any funeral/burial services & last rites

Local Trains Restricts on Seating Capacity

All local trains will function with 50% seating capacity till 7 P.M.

Metro will Run with 50% Seating Capacity

Metro will run with schedule timings but with maximum 50% seating capacity

Vehicles and People Movement Time Restricted

All vehicles and public movements arer restricted from 5 A.M to 10 P.M. other than emergency services.

West Bengal Government imposed new rules and restrictions to be acted from 03-01-22 to 15-01-22 due to sudden spike in Covid cases.

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