5 Best Popular Cartoons 2022

Since childhood - grown up seeing the favourite cartoons. Never missed any chance to see those. Here is a list for 5 best popular cartoon character

Tom & Jerry

Tom and Jerry is an iconic American animated series that is one of the most-watched cartoons all over the world.


Nobita’s best friend is Doraemon who is a blue robotic cat from 22 nd century, It is one of the famous cartoon character

Chota Bheem

The story of a young, brave boy named Bheem who lives in Dholakpur, who saves the villagers from trouble.


Shows the life of a mischievous little boy Shinchan who is known for his playful nature, gags, funny activities who loves to annoy his parents, friends, and teachers.

Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean who is a bachelor and lives with his brown-colored teddy bear who always gets into trouble because of his funny and fastidious deeds.

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Staring from Donald Duck to Mr. Bean - every cartoon characters are very much favourite to me.