The Red Volunteers | The Red Knights (2021)

The Red Volunteers | The Red Knights – The blessing on humanity during Covid-19 crisis in West Bengal (2021)


The Red Volunteers in West Bengal is a boon in disguise for the people of the state during the acute crisis time in the midst of pandemics. The so-called Coronavirus is a disease that is highly infectious, started spreading from the end of 2019. The virus was so much infectious, that it started spreading all over the world rapidly, and our Earth saw the new episode of the Epidemic.

Lockdowns, restrictions were implemented in several parts of the World, to stop spreading the infectious virus. The scientists of the World started researching to invent an anti-doze against this virus, and finally, in the mid of 2020, several countries were able to make the vaccine. By that time, all the parts of the World were badly hit by the first wave of this infectious disease. The deadliness of the virus took many lives, the world saw an economic downpour, as many lost the median of work or job.

By the end of 2020, the effect of the first wave settled down. Vaccination started in all parts of the World, humans tried to start a new normal life again when the second wave hit in the first of 2021. This time it was harder. The virus mutated, and this mutant strain was far more deadly than the first wave. 

Effect of the second wave of Coronavirus in India

During the first month of 2021, as the covid-19 cases were decreasing, the Indian Government was very busy organizing the Election’2021 in several states of India. These electoral campaigns, massive to & FRO of ministers and political leaders and cadres from one state to another in continuous, actually effected a massive transmission of the second mutant of the virus, resulting in a massive outburst of the pandemic situation. India probably saw the biggest crisis period during this time.

Crisis of medicine, the crisis of hospital beds, a massive shortage of Oxygen, shortage of infrastructure, each and everything. All the State Governments with the help of the Central Government tried to do their best, but for a populated country like India, it was just impossible.

West Bengal during Covid-19 2nd wave:

West Bengal has probably not seen such a period ever. Due to the election campaigns, the virus got transmitted easily, whose effect started from mid-April’21. In the month of May, the condition was so bad, that it was out of control for everybody. The covid-19 infectious cases rose to the extreme, death was at its peak. Shortage of Medicines, oxygen, hospital beds. Patients dying in front of the hospital have not been able to get treatment due to crisis. Black marketing started on medicines, oxygen cylinders. Everything was messy. People didn’t know how to get relief. It seemed to be a one-way road.

Red Volunteers – Humans with Humanity

Red Volunteers
Red Volunteers

In the midst of this pandemic situation, when everyone was trying to keep themselves secured by not getting affected by the virus, tried to oneself, a group of young people within West Bengal started serving the needy people during the crisis period by providing sanitization, mask, delivering food to the covid affected persons or families.

Red Volunteers came into Limelight during the second wave of coronavirus in 2021, in West Bengal. After West Bengal got affected badly post-election period, a high scarcity of hospital beds & oxygen was noticed. Patients were dying unable to get proper treatment due to the lack of infrastructure. The Red Volunteers – the young batch of people came up with their helping hands to help the needy people. Delivering oxygen cylinders, delivering medicines, arranging hospitals beds, each and everything they can do.
They created a Facebook page:, where the affected or the needy people can post their problems or requirements, which were actually sorted by this young dynamic group of Red Volunteers within time.

Who are these Red Volunteers?

There are thousands of such volunteers working all day long to help needy persons. They have their website:,  their Facebook page;, also the list details of their group and phone numbers area wise:, so that needed people can reach them out. They are always prepared for helping You. 

What do the Red Volunteers / Red Knights Do?

For human beings
Red Volunteers

Irrespective of the religion, caste, culture, political association – Red Volunteers have proved themselves worth for providing their service and help. In the last few months, there have been several thousand examples that show their humanitarian ground.

Helping a old lady

There are lakhs of feeds describing their work, several thanking them for helping them or their families in crisis emergency situations. Many have come forward helping these volunteer groups by providing PPE Kits, and other donations, so that they can continue with their service

Lots of posts & reviews are posted every day regarding the restless service these Red Volunteers are providing each and every day. Several new channels, social media have covered them.

Even it was seen that they have not hesitated to provide quick oxygen support for the needed BJP leader. It proves clearly, that they are not selfish by their mind.

Whether it’s a pandemic situation like Covi-19 or a natural disaster like Yass – these young groups of Red Volunteers are always there to help the needy person. After the cyclone, Yass, several parts of the coastal region of West Bengal, especially the areas of Sundarban was very much affected. Many lives including women & children are affected. West Bengal Govt. are doing as much as possible to help them, and also Red Volunteers stood by their side, providing them food, water, medical support.

How many people know that Red Volunteers runs a canteen named Red Canteen. It’s a canteen, where meals are provided at a very minimum cost.

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Red Volunteers will truly be remembered.

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Red Volunteers

It is said that a person is known by his/her work – likewise, this group of dynamic young people will be remembered in the history of Bengal for their deeds. Though it started with a political agenda, presently their only identity is that they are – Red Volunteers. They are just trying to help the needy persons during crisis situations, that’s all. Let’s share and with them, for the wellbeing of humanity.

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” – James Baldwin

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