Oscar Nominations 2022: The Power of the Dog dominates the Oscar Nominations List

Oscar Nominations 2022

Oscar Nominations 2022, Academy Awards Nominations 2022, Oscars 2022, 94th Academy Awards, Writing with Fire, Oscar Nominations 2022 India, oscar nominations 2022 encanto The Oscars or The Academy Awards are the most significant and the most prestigious awards for the entertainment industry Worldwide. The Oscar award is given every year since 1929 and is presently conducted by the … Read more

Vivo V23 5G & Vivo V23 5G Pro Launched in India – Specifications & Prices

Vivo V23 5G & Vivo V23 5G Pro

Vivo has already launched its flagship Smart Phone V23 5G & V23 5G Pro in India on Tuesday, 4th January 2022. Vivo V23 5G & Vivo V23 5G Pro   The company is claiming the Vivo V23 5G & Vivo V23 5G Pro series to be the first of the kind in India of color … Read more

Rite Tag – Best Chrome Extension for Your Hash Tags Research for 2022

Rite Tag

Rite Tag – The Best Chrome Extension for HashTag Research. As you all be aware of hashtags(#) that are used in social media for post reach. Widely used in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. Hash Tags helps you to reach your post on that particular topic to the viewers organically. Resulting, you will increase engagement and … Read more

5 Best websites to buy artificial jewellery online in India 2022

5 best websites to buy artificial jewellery

5 best websites to buy artificial jewellery online – it is itself a tough one to select among the several good companies. Jewellery as a part of fashion: In India fashion is deeply rooted in our culture and tradition, for example, the same length saree is worn in different ways in different regions, moreover the … Read more

Bitwarden – Best Free Open Source Password Manager in 2021

Password Manager

In this digital era, technology finding new grounds every day!  It is noticed that many do use many apps and web platforms for their work, entertainment, and social activities. To register on each platform, one is recommended to have a separate user name & password for each, to have proper security. In doing several passwords, … Read more

Meta – The new name of Facebook revealed in 2021


Finally, after so many controversies over the last few days, Mark Zuckerberg – The CEO of Facebook, reveals the new name of Facebook – Meta. It’s a long journey of 17 years that Facebook is known as the best social platform all over the world, and it is the best social platform in the history … Read more

Flipkart Delivered 2 Soaps Instead of iPhone 12. Biggest Blunder During Big Billion Day Sale – 2021

Flipkart Delivered 2 Soaps Instead of iPhone 12

Biggest blunder during big billion day sale by Flipkart. Nothing is more embarrassing like this when a big blunder is done by an eCommerce giant like Flipkart. A person orders a product costing INR 52000.00 and gets two soaps delivered instead of iPhone 12 in the packed box. Big Billion Day Sale: Flipkart announced the … Read more