Mahalaya 2021 – What’s the significance of the day?

Mahalaya – is believed to be the day of Agomoni, when Devi Durga(Goddess Durga) arrives at morto lok(Earth), with her four children. There are many stories around for this Day. It’s is the end of Pitri Paksha and the beginning of Matri Paksha.


Subho Mahalaya – 2021 to everyone!

Mahalaya is the beginning of Devi Paksha and the ending of Pitri Paksha, the beginning of the Durga Puja (Durgostav) Festival. According to Hindu mythology, it is believed that Maa Durga, after defeating Mahishasura(the King of Demons), starts her journey from Mount Kailash and comes to Earth, her maternal home. Durga Puja is one of the biggest festivals of all the Bengalese residing around the World. Devi Durga arrives on Earth to stay for 10 days at her maternal home with her family (Ganesha, Kartik, Lakshmi, and Saraswati).

The day is very special for the Bengali community, it’s a day when everyone enjoys the beginning of Durga Puja. “Pujo Pujo” feel starts this day, with everyone staring the day at 4 A.M. with the famous Mahishashur Mardini by Birendra Kishore Bhadra. Still, we all feel the goosebumps by hearing the “Jago Tumi Jago”.

With the sunrise, many do pay tributes to their ancestors by the ritual “Tarpon” to make their souls happy at Ganga. During the evening, many do engage themselves with the Puja Shopping. Streets start glittering up with various colors of lightings, pandals & puja committees are busy with the finishing works. It’s a feeling, a time of the year that all Bengalese wait for the whole year, to celebrate.

It is the day when the sculptors make the eyes of Devi Durga and color them. Then the Idol of Goddess Durga is ready to grace up the Pandals.

Many in West Bengal, specially Bengalese arrange for a feast on the eve of Mahalaya, just to stay awake all night to listen to the Mahishashur Mardini early in the morning on Radio.


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The story behind the Mahalaya:

According to Hindu Shastra, Asura had a boon that no one can kill him (human or God). With this boon, Asura became Mahishasur, the king of all demons. After, this the demons started attacking the Gods or Devtas, and finally Mahishasur conquered the Devlok beating all the Devtas in war. All Devtas went to Lord Vishnu to get away out of it. Lord Vishnu with all the Devtas started worshipping Adi Shakti, by which a divine light came out of the Devtas and thus created Goddess Durga. Then Devi Durga was decorated with weapons provided by the Devtas.

It is believed that Devi Durga fought continuously for nine days with Mahishasur and killed him on the 10th day. This is why, this day is believed to be the day when Devi Durga was created to fight evil, and after 10 Days the evil dies on the day of Dusshera or Dashami.

Mahalaya” is a Sanskrit word which is derived from “Maha” which means Big or Great, and “Alaya” which means abode. It is the day when we pray Maa Durga( a symbol of strength, power) and invite Her and welcome them to the Earth, and Devi Durga arrives at Earth to fight against the evil powers and protects her children (the people of the earth).



Mahalaya is celebrated on Mahalaya Amavasya or Sarva Pitra Amavasya each and every year, as the puja of Devi Durga is done of Shukla Paksha of the Indian calendar Ashwin Month. This is the day to celebrate in the belief that Maa Durga comes to her maternal home – The Earth and stays with us 10 days before she returns to Kailash.


Dates for Mahalaya:

  • Mahalaya of 2021 – 6th October 2021
  • Mahalaya of 2022 – 25th September 2022
  • Mahalaya of 2023 – 14th October 2023
  • Mahalaya of 2024 – 2nd October 2024
  • Mahalaya of 2025 – 21st September 2025.

Few Quotes & Wishes for Mahalaya:

  • May all your worries go away. Lots of strength and good health to you. Subho Mahalaya!
  • Celebrate the victory of good over evil. Subho Mahalaya!
  • Rupamdehi, Jayamdehi, Yashodehi, Diswojahi, Subho Mahalaya!
  • May Goddess Durga bless You to overcome all the obstacles of life and achieve success. Subho Mahalaya!
  • May Maa Durga gives you the strength to overcome all the hurdles of life. Subho Mahalaya!


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