Is Digital Marketing a Cup of Tea in 2021? How to Select an Expert?

It is being noticed that in the present World, agencies are growing up here and there – claiming themselves as Digital Marketing Strategist, Digital Marketer, Online Marketing specialists. But is it also true that is Digital Marketing a Cup of Tea for Everyone?


What is Digital Marketing means?

Digital Marketing or Online Marketing which one you may call – is the process or way of creating awareness. Publishing you or your brand, products, or services to the targeted customers. It can be done very easily and at a cheaper cost. Mediums are used for online Marketing through Internet, using Computers, Laptops, Mobiles, or any digital devices.


Digital Marketing is a booming industry. Since its evolution in 1990, the world has noticed an immense change strategically in online marketing. Advancements in technology over decades helped the Digital Marketing platform to develop itself, overlapping Traditional Marketing. As the number of internet users is increasing around the world, people are using this internet platform to look for a local business or any information they require.


The search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others are developing and becoming user-friendly. Recent estimates stated that by 2023 Global expenditure on Digital Marketing will be approximately $146 billion.


Why is Digital Marketing important?

In the last four decades, the World has seen an unpredictable advancement of technologies. According to the statistical reports published on Jan’2021 – active internet users around the World are approximately 4.66 billion which is 59.5% of the total global population. Approximately 4.32 billion mobile users use the internet, which is 92.6% of the total internet users. Active social media users are approx. 4.2 billion.


So, by this data, you can easily assume what is the importance of Digital Marketing in the present World. In this digital era, if a company or a brand will not establish its online presence and doesn’t opt for online Marketing Strategies, then it’s obvious that the company will fall apart from others in the midst of large competition. And of course you should know about the 7 pillars of Digital Marketing before you start your journey. 


Advantages of Digital Marketing:

  • Easily accessible – As the number of internet users is growing day by day in the world, marketing through the internet by the use of digital mediums is really easy to access.
  • Can target a larger audience – Through Digital Marketing, a brand can easily be global. They can publish their advertisements in every part of the world.
  • Cheaper – It is a rather much cheaper medium of marketing as compared with traditional marketing.
  • Target audience group – Through Digital Marketing, it is very easy to target a group audience. Hence, it makes the brand easy to select the type, age, location, etc. and run their ads and get better ROI.
  • Lesser Time – Just a click and the marketing starts. You can reach a larger audience with just a click. After preparing a proper strategy, you can easily reach a large crowd in a very short time.

How do define anyone as an expert in Digital Marketing?


Let’s take an example – suppose you establish a company. Makes some strategies, fixes some future goals. After that, you start online promotions and marketing. After spending some time, you achieve in acquiring visitors online. Converting those visitors as potential customers, you succeed to generate revenue and profit for your business. Will you say yourself an expert in Digital Marketing?


If you think wisely, succeeding in one business, or any one industry, doesn’t prove yourself to be an expert. In this present world, with technology upgrading each and every day, with the help of many tools & software available easily, many such claims themselves as the expertise in this field. There are many such stories and facts available which prove that many brands and start-ups ended their journey in no time for these so-called experts.


It can be noticed that Digital Marketing experts are available here and there, organizing paid or free seminars, youtube tutorials, and conducting training – all leading to market saturation of the trade.


To be an expert in a certain field, one has to acquire adequate knowledge (both theoretical & practical), and good experience in the field. Have you ever heard that a just passed out B.Tech person getting a chance to provide lectures to IIT students? Every profession requires designated reasons and experience, to be called perfect or an expert in that profession.


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Who is a perfect Digital Marketer?


An Organization may have their online & offline business both. Digital Marketing, if properly done, will surely be profitable to both sections of that organization.  

For an expert in the field of online marketing, one needs to have a core and long-term experience in that field in several types of business/industry, allowing him/her to understand the requirements & needs of each and every industry segment. He/she requires knowledge about trendsetting. Analyzing the business model, making proper strategy for short-term goals & long-term goals.


Making some experiments, running some trial and error, to understand each momentum of the field. Getting into the market is very easy, but proving efficient in this field is tough. So, one should be very specific about future goals. It is for sure that a knowledgeable Digital Marketing person can be a valuable asset to a company. As his knowledge and skill can show a new road to scale the business to a new high.


A perfect Digital Marketing Expert is one, who adapts him/herself according to the situation, according to the trend. Learn and also teach others how to act accordingly. Have adequate knowledge about the various forms of Online Marketing – SEO, SEM, SMM, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Google Ads, Influencer or Affiliate Marketing, Mobile Marketing, etc. Analyzing all the medians and making strategies to implement them and generate revenue from it. Understanding the market and making plans for it is very crucial. These are all skill sets to build up a brand.




In this present ever-changing world of technology, Ecommerce the future of the eCommerce industry in India will see a new height. Online Marketing Trends and scopes are also changing regularly. So, selecting a Digital Marketer or a Digital Marketing Agency can really be very difficult. While the process of selecting, you must look at their portfolio, their experiences in different fields, their proven skills, and above all their quality of adaptability. So that, they can apply new strategies to the new trends, without implementing the old school rules.


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Disclaimer: All the above-noted data and inputs are from my personal viewpoint. I don’t try to compare, rather have not done. If any mistakes are noted, please leave a comment. I will be appreciated to have a comment. This, it will enrich my knowledge and also inspire me to post more on such topics. Thank You!


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