Grammarly – most powerful free extension for Chrome user in 2023

Grammarly – in short, it’s the best assistant to compose a write-up without mistake. Are you afraid of writing properly? Are you confused to write in English? Here is the best solution for you –


What is Grammarly?

Language helps us to communicate with people; however, a simple spelling change or grammatical error can change the entire meaning of the sentence. Grammarly helps you to identify you’re writing errors and finds you appropriate and exact words to express yourself. Grammarly will give you real-time feedback like an English teacher following you around whenever you compose something in Gmail, Google Docs, Twitter, and LinkedIn almost in all types of communication online while using chrome.

Once this extension is installed in chrome you will start getting writing suggestions as you type.


How to download Grammarly?

To download this extension follows these simple steps:

  1. In Chrome browser open Chrome Web Store.
  2. Search the name Grammarly for Chrome
  3. Click on Grammarly for Chrome
  4. You can add this extension to chrome by clicking the tab called “add to chrome”.


Grammarly is a perfect writing partner which helps you to improve your writing by suggesting specific words. This application helps you way beyond grammar checking as it checks and gives you feedback regarding your writing, you can be confident that your composition is correct, concise, and clear.

You can register your account so that you can get personalized reports to track your improvements.

The Updated version of Grammarly suggests as per your personal settings and as per your reader’s perspective of how they will respond to your message. It now gives feedback by theme and color-coding so that you can understand the corrections and improvements given by Grammarly at a glance.

How to use Grammarly?

It is an AI-based free software, built up with the aim to solve the issues regarding writing good content without mistake. It’s very easy to use. After you install the extension, just start your writing. The extension will automatically inform you about the spellings, punctuations, notes, etc. Everything is required to make a good write-up for you.

Composing good content is more than correct grammar and spelling it is a way to express. There are many types of spelling and grammar checkers which checks spellings and grammatical mistakes easily. Grammarly is a complete solution for writing which not only helps you to fix your grammar and spelling also punctuation issues, and helps to revise and rewrite sentences that are unclear.


This intelligent writing partner has a built-in tone detector that can help you to add a little friendliness, confidence before you hit the send button so that you will know how your message will be conveyed to your readers.


So download these user-friendly, free extensions and get tailored suggestions from this expert app and start writing confidently.

Rating- Average rating of 4.6 out of 5, 41313 users gave rating


  • Category- Productivity
  • Active users- 10, 000,000 + Users
  • Version- 14.1040.0
  • Languages- English
  • Size- 35.66 Mb
  • Updated- November 22nd, 2021


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