Flipkart Delivered 2 Soaps Instead of iPhone 12. Biggest Blunder During Big Billion Day Sale – 2021

Biggest blunder during big billion day sale by Flipkart. Nothing is more embarrassing like this when a big blunder is done by an eCommerce giant like Flipkart. A person orders a product costing INR 52000.00 and gets two soaps delivered instead of iPhone 12 in the packed box.

Big Billion Day Sale:

Flipkart announced the biggest sale offer of the year 2021, which started from 3rd October 2021. The sale offered big discounts on the products. A special attraction was on electronic items and especially on mobile phones. They offered huge discounts on mobile phones, among which the priority was of course on the iPhone series. With the help of the aggregators of several Cards, they also attracted customers with special extra discounts and cashback offers. The sale was intended for the festive season of India.

2 soap bars which coasted INR 51,999.00

2 soaps-worth-inr-51,990.00
photo credit @ Simranpal Singh

Earlier also it has happened several times, that some mishaps happen with the delivery of the product. And, maximum time, it was reported during the sale season of the big giants. But, this time it was something that never happened. It was reported that a person ordered an iPhone by paying INR 53000.00 during the Big Billion Sale of Flipkart, and was delivered two soaps wrapped and packed in the company’s box!

Flipkart, being one of the giants of eCommerce selling products all over India. They claim themselves as one of the most trusted online platforms. Even, many of the products come with the “Flipkart Assured” tag on them.

A video got viral posted on the youtube channel of GoAndroid. In the video, it was clearly seen that the delivery person of Flipkart opens a package in front of the customer during delivery(Open Box Delivery). To huge astonishment, two soap bars come out of the box instead of iPhone 12.

It was reported by Simranpal Singh that he bought an iPhone 12 for INR 51,999.00 from Flipkart on their Big Billion Day Sale offer. He thoughtfully selected the option of OBD (Open Box Delivery), as he was accustomed to the previous mishaps and rumors of the eCommerce portals delivering wrong or faulty products.

The box was delivered to him on 4th October 2021. As he selected the option of Open Box Delivery, so the delivery executive opened the box in front of him, while he was recording the video of the process. Both were surprised to see that the package was carrying 2 soap bars instead of iPhone 12. So, Flipkart delivered 2 soaps instead of iPhone 12.

He at once contacted the support team of Flipkart and reported about the faulty delivery. As he opted for Open Box Delivery, so he had to provide the OTP for confirming the delivery of the order. As he didn’t provide the OTP, so after many conversations with the support team, the matter was escalated, and his order was canceled.

Simranpal Singh also informed that his money was refunded back to his account after some days.


In the present age, when a big surge in the eCommerce industry is been seen around the World. All eCommerce portals should make the priority to deliver the proper products to the customers. If, this type of faulty delivery continues to happen, then for sure it affects the mentality of online purchase of the customers. The Big Giants like Flipkart should assure not to have any kind of these mishaps, at this could ruin the Brand value. The customers can easily slip to other portals, as competition is increasing every day.

On the other side, a customer also should check all terms & conditions, cancellation policies, return policies, and other important notes of the eCommerce portal, before purchasing an item from it. It will be advised to do a video recording while opening the parcel. At least, the video recording will be compact proof if they get any faulty product delivered. It will genuinely save their time, money, and harassment.

At the end of the day, it is not at all expected for a company like Flipkart to deliver two soap bars instead of an iPhone 12.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What to do if the wrong product is delivered?

Ans: It is always advised that, if you are purchasing any product online, please go through the return policy and review the seller first. Then after receiving the product, make a video while opening the package. It will be proof against the complaint you will make against faulty product delivery.

If you receive the wrong product, then contact the support team of that company from where you have purchased, and launch a complaint. Then ask them to cancel and refund the ordered amount. If you want an exchange for the original product, you can also do so.

  1. Can Flipkart products be returned?

Ans: Every online portal selling an item through online, or eCommerce have their own return policy. Kindly go through the return policy page. Also on the product page, you will get information that whether the product is returnable or not. Many items are being sold by many sellers, which don’t have any return agreement, and that will be specified on that product page.

  1. What is Open Box Delivery?

Ans: The eCommerce portal like Flipkart has the option for OBD (Open Box Delivery) concept. Though this is not available all over India, still some states have this option. First, check the option on the Flipkart page. After that, if your state has the option, then you can opt for the option after placing your order. Go to your order page, and through Wishmaster, you can select the option. The benefit of this option is, the delivery boy will open the package in front of you, and then you can decide, whether you will receive the order or not?

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