What is The Myth about Marketing? Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing – 2022


Are you a business owner? Are you an Entrepreneur? Are you planning to start a business? Are you a student willing to make a career in marketing? Then you are in the right place, as I am going to discuss some very important points about Marketing – not to be neglected! It will help you … Read more

Flipkart Delivered 2 Soaps Instead of iPhone 12. Biggest Blunder During Big Billion Day Sale – 2021

Flipkart Delivered 2 Soaps Instead of iPhone 12

Biggest blunder during big billion day sale by Flipkart. Nothing is more embarrassing like this when a big blunder is done by an eCommerce giant like Flipkart. A person orders a product costing INR 52000.00 and gets two soaps delivered instead of iPhone 12 in the packed box. Big Billion Day Sale: Flipkart announced the … Read more

Big Billion Day and Great Indian Festival Sale -2021

Big Billion Day

Big Billion Day and Great Indian Festival Sale is starting from 03.10.2021 Both The Big Billion Day Sale by Flipkart & Great Indian Festival Sale by Amazon India, both are ready to offer the customers the best deal this festive season. There was much confusion about the starting date of the big sale from the … Read more

What Is The First Step To E-Commerce in 2021?

The First Step To E-Commerce

The first step to e-commerce is very crucial, as it will show you the road to the future. Are you planning to start an e-Commerce? Are you a start-up in this field? Then, firstly you have to learn and gain some knowledge about – what is e-commerce? How the industry works? What are the needs … Read more

Is Digital Marketing a Cup of Tea in 2021? How to Select an Expert?

Digital Marketing

It is being noticed that in the present World, agencies are growing up here and there – claiming themselves as Digital Marketing Strategist, Digital Marketer, Online Marketing specialists. But is it also true that is Digital Marketing a Cup of Tea for Everyone?   What is Digital Marketing means? Digital Marketing or Online Marketing which … Read more

8 Best Online Saree Shopping Sites in India (2022)

Best Online saree

  Are you looking for buying sarees online? Are you searching for where to buy sarees online? Are you planning to buy sarees from the best brands available online? Then you are at the right place. In this article, I will provide you some information about reputed brands & 8 best online saree shopping sites … Read more

E-Commerce in India- What is The Future of it as Industry (2021)

E-Commerce in India

The Future of E-Commerce in India The future of e-commerce in India can be derived by calculating the consistently changing scene of e-commerce is both unnerving and energizing. Consistently, there are changes that may assist us with developing our organizations or new difficulties that we will most likely be unable to keep up. Whatever high points … Read more