Custom Cursor – Free Extension for Google Chrome Browser Users in 2023

Google Chrome is the most used web browser in the world. Do you know that Chrome Browser provides several extensions to give you great experiences while using the browser? Custom Cursor is one among them and it’s totally free.

It’s fun to use Custom Cursor

Custom Cursor for chrome is a fun extension where you can find a huge number of free cursors to select from. Once downloaded you can change your mouse cursor very easily according to your mood or preference and have fun while working.

You can also make and upload cursors from any image and can create your own collection of the custom cursor. Isn’t it cool?


How to download a Custom Cursor?

 You can download this free extension from Google Chrome Web Store:

  1. In Google Chrome browser open Chrome Web Store.
  2. Click on Custom Cursor for Chrome.
  3. You will find a tab called “add to chrome”. Chrome will ask for your permission to allow installation once the “add extension” tab is selected, the extension setup will run and a page will appear confirming that the extension is added in your browser.  You have to refresh your browser if any previous tabs were open to see the extension work.

home screen

You will get to see a screen like this after the extension is installed in your browser.

Note: As per the rules chrome web store extensions don’t work on the Google Web Store page and home page.

Custom Cursor Add Screen
To choose and add your cursor

You can find more than 100 types of cursors distributed in different categories, you can check the website often as new cursors are getting added constantly.


How to add your own Custom Cursor?

You can create your own mouse cursor and add them according to your taste just click the Upload Cursor button.

Recommended images to be uploaded should be small size & of the same height and width i.e. 32×32 pixels, but the size should not exceed 128×128 pixels. The images that you upload should be of transparent background which can be in .png format. Your newly uploaded cursors can be seen in “My Collection”. You can also adjust the size accordingly from the “Manage” button.


These cursors are divided into cursor collections for easier navigation; each collection has its own theme like animals, lifestyle, food, sports, etc. Once you select the cursor design from the list you can preview it immediately by moving your mouse to the empty side of the extension window.

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This particular extension has been provided by


Chrome browser comes with several extensions to help the users to increase their experiences.   Sometimes, working on the same platform, with the same widgets or gadgets gets us bored. So, to distract you from such boredom and to have some fun with your cursor, it’s a great extension. Above all, it’s absolutely free to use and safe. You can also delete it or disable the extension if you don’t like it. So, don’t worry. Have fun while working.

  • Rating- Average rating of 4.7 out of 5, 30,784 users gave rating
  • Category- Fun
  • Active users- 70, 00,000 +
  • Version- 3.0.1
  • Languages- 54
  • Size- 3.24 Mb
  • Last Updated- August 9th, 2021


Hope this will help you to select a cursor of your choice or create your own cursor, Have fun Guys!

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