Bitwarden – Best Free Open Source Password Manager in 2023

Are you looking for a free password manager? Bitwarden – a free extension can help you out. In this digital era, technology finding new grounds every day!  It is noticed that many do use many apps and web platforms for their work, entertainment, and social activities. To register on each platform, one is recommended to have a separate username & password for each, to have proper security.

In doing several passwords, it becomes very confusing for many to remember each and every password for each platform.

Bitwarden – is a very good extension for Chrome users. It’s open-source and easily accessible to manage all your passwords properly.

Overview of Bitwarden

The Chrome web store offers thousands and thousands of extensions to choose from as per your need and requirements. Bitwarden – Free Password Manager is one of the best password manager extensions available in the Chrome web store

Bitwarden, Inc is the parent company of 8bit Solutions LLC, which Developed Bitwarden – Free Password Manager

This Extension is free and it works on Windows, Mac, and Linux and it can manage passwords for all of your devices. The Android version of this extension is also available in Google Play Store.


How to download Bitwarden?

To download this extension follow these simple steps

  1. In the Chrome browser open Chrome Web Store.
  2. Search the name Bitwarden – Free Password Manager
  3. Click on Bitwarden – Free Password Manager
  4. There will be a tab called “Add to chrome”. Once the add extension tab is clicked, Chrome will ask your permission to run the installation, the extension setup will run and a page will appear on your screen confirming that the extension is added to your browser.

How to Use Bitwarden?

It is one of the easiest extensions which help you to store your passwords safely; it also keeps them synced between all the devices you use.

After you have installed the extension, just visit the website you want to visit and register there using a username or mail id and a password. After providing the password, you will get an option, where the extension will ask you to save your login details – Just click Save and continue.

Your login credentials will be saved in the extension’s safe vault. Next time, you want to log in to the same page, just click the login of the page > go to the Bitwarden icon in the toolbar of the Chrome browser> click login.

Is Bitwarden safe and trustworthy?

Nowadays hacking and theft of passwords is a common phenomenon, websites and apps are under attack daily. When you reuse the same password in different apps and website such as email, bank, and other accounts which contains your important details, security breaches happen and your passwords get compromised

Experts suggest that a different, random password should be used for every account which you use so that those accounts are safe, and you can easily create, store, manage and access your passwords through Bitwarden.

The extension syncs all of your devices and stores all of your login credentials in an encrypted vault. Only you can access your data, as it’s fully encrypted, not even the Bitwarden team can access and read your data, even if they want to. Its data is sealed with AES-256 bit encryption salted hashing and PBKDF2 SHA-256.

But, I will personally suggest you create a strong complex password each time you create. Also, I will advise you not to save and store any of your login credentials for any financial assets.

You can find more details about Bitwarden at

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Bitwarden is a unique extension that is focused on open-source software. The source code of the extension is hosted on GitHub where everyone can share their review, can audit, and contribute to the code base of Bitwarden.

The extension is developed in such a way, that you can install this free extension and use it on other browsers like Mozilla, Safari, Edge, etc. And it’s totally a free extension to use.

**This article is written in my personal opinion.**


  • Rating- Average rating of 4.8 out of 5, 3613 users gave a rating
  • Category- Productivity
  • Active users- 2, 000,000 + Users
  • Version- 1.54.0
  • Languages- 44
  • Size- 4.75 Mb
  • Updated- October 27th, 2021

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