5 Most Popular Cartoons in India for 2024

Are you interested in cartoons? If so then don’t miss this article on 5 most popular cartoons in India to watch in 2024

Cartoons are an integral part of our childhood, be it Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Power Puff Girls, or Ben 10 these cartoons always teach children about the journey of life, moral lessons, and common scenarios of our daily life in a form of animated fantasy.

These Cartoons are filled with laughter and innocence and they are a source of inspiration, learning, imagination, and creativity not only for children but also for adults. The learning perspective changes with age as the way of thinking of children is different from adults.

Nowadays kids are occupied with smartphones, they spend hours on social media, YouTube, and Netflix. This is the main reason children are losing their innocence and spending time on social media can be counterproductive as well.

Being a 90s kid I know that most of our generation used to switch on the TV to watch cartoons and spend our time. That’s why I am making a list of the Most Popular Cartoons in India for 2024 which not only kids can watch it is enjoyable to adults as well.


The list of the 5 most popular cartoons in India in 2024 is as follows:


Tom and Jerry


Important Characters- Tom, Jerry

Streamed on- Cartoon Network, Pogo, and Videos available on YouTube

Tom and Jerry is an iconic American animated series that is one of the most-watched cartoons all over the world. Not only children, but adults have also watched this cartoon for the last 50 years. This Cartoon is holding the top position among the most popular cartoons in India.

The story of this famous Indian cartoon is about the never-ending rivalry between a Grey colored house cat named Tom and a cute Brown colored mouse Jerry who are always fighting with each other. The main motto of Tom’s life is to catch Jerry, which creates hilarious situations. The attractive, engaging, and hilarious background music it the soul of the show as the exchange of dialogue is close to none.

Tune into this famous cartoon show in India and watch Tom’s never-ending quest to find Jerry.




Important Characters- Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka, Gian, Sunio, Dorami.

TV Channel- First aired on Hungama, then Disney Channel, and now Cartoon Network

Doraemon is a Japanese Manga Series that became famous in India after it was dubbed into Hindi and aired on Hungama TV. Not only Hindi this series is dubbed in several languages that’s why this cartoon has the highest TRP in India.

This famous cartoon show in India shows the daily life of a young schoolboy Nobita who faces misfortunes, and poor grades and gets bullied by Gian and Sunio who mock him for his weaknesses regarding studies, painting, sports, etc. Nobita’s best friend is Doraemon who is a blue robotic cat from the 22nd century, helps Nobita with futuristic gadgets that come out of his pocket to sort out Nobita’s problems.

The most used gadgets are Bamboo Copter which helps to fly, anywhere the door will take you anywhere you want to go, a time machine, etc.

This entertaining series is suitable for both children and adults. It also makes one of the most popular cartoons in India.


Chota Bheem


Important Characters- Chota Bheem, Chutki, Jaggu, Raju, Kalia, Dholu, Bholu

Channel-Pogo T.V

Chota Bheem is one of the most popular cartoons in India which needs no introduction. This is an Indian animated series that features a strong and brave boy named Bheem whose character is inspired by the third Pandava brother of the same name who was famous for his strength, valor, bravery, and intelligence.

This cartoon shows the story of a young, brave boy named Bheem who lives in Dholakpur and saves the villagers from trouble. Bheem is very famous in Dholakpur which makes Kalia envious of Bheem, Kalia along with his minions Dholu and Bholu always plot to embarrass and defeat Bheem but with the help of Chutki, Raju, and Jaggu, Bheem always overcomes the trouble and saves the Day. Ladoo is Bheem’s energy booster and gives him the strength to fight.

This famous cartoon show in India has also been adapted into several short films for television.




Main Characters- Shinchan, Mitsi, Hiroshi, Himabari, Shiro the dog, Kazama, Nanny, Bo, Masao.

TV Channel- Hungama TV

Shinchan is a Japanese manga series that was first aired on television in 1992 is famous among kids and adults due to its hilarious comedy. This is one of the most popular cartoons in India. This show has been dubbed in different languages that’s why its popularity is growing day by day.

This cartoon’s story shows the life of a mischievous little boy Shinchan who is known for his playful nature, gags, and funny activities and loves to annoy his parents, friends, and teachers. Hiroshi and Mitsi are the parents of Shinchan and sister Himabari. They have another important family member named Shiro who is a cute white dog who is very obedient.

Shinchan loves to flirt with pretty women who are much older than him in a funny way. One of his most famous dialogues is “Welcome Back, Mom” when he returns home. He is also a part of the famous “Kasukabe defense group “consisting of Shinchan, Kazama, Nanny, Bo, and Masao. These five have a special bond with each other and always fight to decide who the leader of the group is but the matter always remains unresolved.

This cartoon is considered one of the funniest cartoons ever made as once you start watching the show you will be entertained with nonstop laughter. This makes it one of the most famous cartoon shows in India.



 Mr. Bean


Important Characters- Mr. Bean, Teddy

TV Channel- Pogo TV

Mr. Bean needs no introduction, as he is not only a popular cartoon in India but worldwide. Mr. Bean makes people laugh with his funny acts without even speaking a word.

Mr. Bean’s show has two versions one is a TV series and one is an animated series. This British animated series was introduced in 2002 and is adapted from the sitcom of the same name starring Rowan Atkinson.

The story depicts the life of a guy with a mole Mr. Bean who is a bachelor and lives with his brown-colored teddy bear who always gets into trouble because of his funny and fastidious deeds. He thinks very differently so he makes simple situations very complex. His activities cause trouble for others, especially to his landlady Mrs. Wicket and her cat scraper. He has a signature green car which is very precious to him, he protects the car with hash bold and padlocks.

The interesting fact about Mr. Bean is that he will make you laugh with his funny activities, and there are few to no dialogues in the series. This show has been adapted into video games, and short films and was praised by critics. Mr. Bean is one of the famous cartoon shows in India.

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In Short, we can tell that Shinchan and Doremon are the best cartoon shows in India with a good TRP. People do miss some cartoon shows like  Noddy, Oswald, Popeye, Duck Tales, Thomas and his friends, Bob the Builder, and so on. These cartoons are not broadcast on Television, but they can be found on YouTube.

Most children today are busy scrolling social media. The trend of watching Cartoons has become obsolete among kids. Keeping entertainment aside, your child can learn languages apart from their mother tongue and they can take up the good behavioral aspect or good moral of the cartoons, and judge the difference between right and wrong. YouTube Kids, is a fantastic platform to keep your growing kids engaging. Lots of cartoon videos are there, and a small kid can also learn from them.

So, keep encouraging your children to watch cartoons and you also join them to get some relief from your day-to-day monotonous schedule.




1. What are the top 10 famous cartoons in India?

The list of the best cartoons in India goes on like:

  1. Tom and Jerry
  2. Doraemon
  3. Shinchan
  4. Mr. Bean
  5. Oggy & the Cockroaches
  6. Chhota Bheem
  7. Ninja Hattori
  8. Motu Patlu
  9. Pokemon
  10. Hagemaru
2. What are the most-watched cartoon channels in India?

According to Statista report, the top 5 most-watched cartoon channels are as follows:

  1. Nick
  2. Hungama
  3. Sonic Nickelodeon
  4. Disney
  5. Pogo
3. When did Doraemon start?

The Japanese Manga series Doraemon was originally aired on 2nd April 1979. It started airing on Hungama TV in the year 2005 in India.

4. Which Cartoon has the highest TRP in India?

Doremon has the highest TRP in India.

5. What is the most-watched cartoon in the World or which is the No 1 cartoon in the world?

SpongeBob Square Pants is the most-watched cartoon all over the world. This American animated television series was created by the late Stephen Hillenburg a marine biologist and animator which was aired on Nickelodeon.

6. What is the first cartoon of India?

Ghayab Aya which features a do-gooder ghost named Ghayab is India’s first animated serial which was aired in 1986 on Doordarshan.


Disclaimer: The article is written from the author’s personal aspect. It is just a suggestion or a guide for the top-rated cartoon shows in India.




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