5 Best websites to buy artificial jewellery online in India 2023

5 best websites to buy artificial jewellery online – it is itself a tough one to select among the several good companies.

Jewellery as a part of fashion:

In India fashion is deeply rooted in our culture and tradition, for example, the same length saree is worn in different ways in different regions, moreover the weaving technique and material of a saree change regionally.

Women – without jewellery, is unthinkable. Be it a nose pin, ear-ring, chain, bangles, kamar-bandh, tiara, tikli, baju-bandh, ring. Jewellery is an integral part of fashion, be it traditional or western attire. The style and material used for jewelry is different in each city of India.

Not only women, but men are also fashionable with the ornaments, especially chains, rings & bangles. India is known for its great craftsmanship, where different types of ornaments are made in different designs.

Artificial Jewellery setting trend:

In modern culture the importance of artificial jewellery is increasing. Young women are preferring artificial jewellery more than gold and silver jewellery due to their affordability and creativity. The constant increase in the price of the metals like Gold, Platinum or Silver, has diverged the trend for adopting artificial jewellery.

Generally, artificial Jewellery can be designed as per traditional gold and silver ornaments which are not only pocket friendly but aesthetically perfect.

Due to this global pandemic situation rate of online purchases increased, nowadays if we don’t have time for ourselves to go out and shop we can purchase online and it gets delivered to our doorsteps.

What are the 5 Best websites to buy artificial jewellery online in India?

Here I am listing the top 5 Best websites to buy artificial jewellery online in India 2021, to know more keep reading!

1. Zaveri Pearls

Established in 1997 Zaveri Pearls One of the most popular artificial jewellery brand in India. It is a reputed brand for Pearl Jewellery in the country.

It is known for its intricate Kundan artwork and mesmerizing pearl jewelleries.

Zaveri Pearls is the best brand if you are looking for jewellery with intricate craftsmanship which portrays a royal look.

Why Shop From Zaveri Pearls?

Zaveri Pearls offers you 100% genuine artificial jewellery delivered at your doorsteps. Zaveri Pearls have easy and secure payment methods so that you can order safely.

Their products are available on Nykaa, Ajio, Shopclues, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and Paytm Mall. You can and order jewellery from Zaveri from the platform you like.

They give amazing offers for you to avail are and the price range is entirely reasonable. They do fast delivery and provide genuine products.

You can visit the link to view the products – https://amzn.to/3EAg1F3


 2. Voylla

If you want to purchase the best artificial Jewellery for both Men and Women Voilla is the right address for you. Voylla is one of the growing Fashion jewellery brands founded By Vishwas Shringi and his wife Jagriti at Bangalore in 2010.

This Brand not only focuses on women but men also, Voylla is the jewellery collection for women and Men’s collection is called Dare, Dare was launched in 2017.

Studio Voylla was launched in 2016 to showcase handcrafted traditional masterpieces.


Why Shop From Voylla?

Voylla offers you its high quality, genuine, hand-crafted artificial jewellery, these jewellery are popular as they are affordable and we can get ornaments of traditional, contemporary, and funky styles.

There are 250+ stores of Voylla and Voylla has its own website and mobile app from where you can shop and choose between 45000+ exclusive jewellery designs. If you have sensitive skin you can wear the jewellery of this brand as their products are skin-friendly.

The Products of this Brand is also available on e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc

You can visit the link to view the products – https://amzn.to/3ozfLAH


3. Sukkhi

Founded in 2012 Sukkhi is a famous name for artificial jewellery in India.

It offers 10000+ exclusive designs. If you are looking for Bridal Jeweller, Oxidized ornaments and Kundan sets Sukkhi is you’re your one-stop destination. It also offers unique chocker, pearl ornaments, and men’s rings.

They also offer a collection of Men’s rings and a premium collection to choose from their crafted masterpieces.

Why Shop from Sukkhi?

Sukkhi offers the best and high-quality designs according to their customer’s preferences.

Their Vision for their local and international clients is very clear, which is 100% Customer satisfaction.

They have a Store in Bangalore, you can also buy from their official website or from eCommerce sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc to get discounts on your ornaments.

You can visit the link to view the products – https://amzn.to/3ID5r2r


YouBella offers imitation jewellery like no other which are suitable for any look and outfit you are looking for. Create your own fashion statement by choosing from their vast collection of temple jewellery, mangal sutras, artistic pendants, and gold plated jewellery and charm everyone.

You can also get an American diamond jewelry collection such as earrings, necklace sets, rings at YouBella. This Brand has a huge collection of designer imitation jewellery which are unique and you will not get it from no other brands.

Why Shop from You YouBella?

YouBella provides an exclusive and vast range of fashion jewellery and accessories to customers globally, designed by India’s best designers.

They have a motto is to create unique, attractive, and creative designs in a very affordable price range.

You can purchase the YouBella collection at a discounted price from Ajio, Amazon Nyka or their own official site where you can get various payment options and also cash on delivery is available

You can visit the link to view the products – https://amzn.to/3oQ2ROV


5. The Luxor

The Luxor jewellery collection is very popular among college girls for unprecedented design and reasonable prices.  By far, this is the most affordable jewellery brand on the list of best artificial jewellery brands in India 2021.

They provide the designer’s collection of artificial jewellery which includes anklets, earrings, mangal sutra, bangles, pendants, and necklace sets, etc.  Their collection is of modern, traditional, and chunky jewellery designs.

If you are searching for a unique hard-to-find design, The Luxor is the brand you are looking for.

Why Shop From The Luxor?

The Luxor brand is perfect for women of all age groups as the brand has a collection for each personality age group and style.

You can select from the range of jewellery, whether it is a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day for someone you love. The brand offers jewellery that is made of 100 % toxic free materials that’s why they are gentle and skin-friendly.

The Longevity of the jewellery is very high and can be worn for years as they are made with high-quality imitation stones and other materials.

Luxor fashion jewellery is available online on Flipkart, Snapdeal, and Amazon.

You can visit the link to view the products – https://amzn.to/3lUvacZ



1. Which website is best for artificial jewellery?

There are lots of websites, selling portals, Apps, selling artificial jewellery online. Among them, it is very tough to find the best. Still, some like Voylla, Sukkhi, YouBella, The Luxor, Zaveri Pearls, Giva, Cliory, Jaypore are among the best, you can trust.

2. Which is the best online jewellery store?

There are more than a thousand renowned brands in India selling jewellery online. Each and every store claims them to be the best.

Especially for jewelley segment, it’s been divided into 2 classes – artificial or imitation jewellery & pure or costly jewellery. If you are looking for artificial jewellery, then the brands like Voylla, Sukkhi, YouBella, The Luxor, Zaveri Pearls, Giva, Cliory, Jaypore are some for your reference.

And, if you are looking for costly jewellery, then the brands like Caratlane, Velvetcase, Bluestone, Nakshatra.world are really known to all. Apart from these the brands like Senco, Anjali Jewellers are also selling through online.

3. Is there any advantage of buying jewellery online?

If you are buying other products online, dresses like sarees online, then I must say – buying artificial jewellery online can be an advantage to you. Firstly, it will save time hopping around several stores to find your choice. Secondly, you can compare the design, quality, and price easily. Thirdly, you will get it delivered within the stipulated time. Likewise, there are many more advantages.

4. Are the websites selling artificial jewellery real or fake?

This question may genuinely arise in you. But, if you look to the company “about Us” page, then go through the terms & conditions, read the return & exchange policy – then you will get the information of the company. Also, along these, you should also see the product details, reviews of the product, see the security of the website. These all will surely help you out to select the best one.



Be it costly ornaments or jewllery or artificial or imitation jewellery – the craze for buying was there for long period. And, the craze will continue. Only, the trend changes according to the fashion. Presently, due to the high price of gold and diamond jewellery, the artificial jewellery segment business is growing up. And also, with the advancement of technology, and also booming of the eCommerce industry, rapid growth is seen in the online segment.

Many sellers have already introduced their website and even sold their products through different selling platforms. And the others are also preparing to enter the e-commerce segment to capture the trend of the market.

I have enlisted the 5 Best websites to buy artificial jewellery online in India. It is out of my personal opinion. I will always advise you to browse all the available online selling portals first. Compare the products, prices, read the return & exchange policy, see the reviews of the product, then take your decision.

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